Stinger Remote Adjustable CNC Aluminium with ¼″ (6.35mm) Drive Shaft Square End


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Aluminium remote adjustable stinger drive with ¼″ (6.35mm) 316 stainless steel drive shaft that accepts the squared end of a 1/4 inch flex shaft. As the prop shaft is “captive” within the barrel, you will never again lose a prop should your flex shaft break. The easily removable drive shaft allows quick and easy access for cleaning and lubrication.
The stinger can also be manually adjusted left or right to offset torque steer. To use remote adjusting, an additional servo must be attached to the adjusting arm or you can manually adjust it and lock it with the 2 screws.

Angle adjustment: +5 to -3 degrees
Left, Right Angle adjustment: ± 8 degrees
For Replacement Drive Shaft. Click HERE.