Tiger 45 Mono-2 With Complete Hardware


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MTC Tiger 45″ Mono with complete hardware, just add engine, servos, battery and radio.
Email ” fads@fadstrading.com ” for shipping cost.
Length: 1,143mm
Width: 310mm

Included Hardware:
Quickdraw style Tuned Pipe with muffler, header, water cooling flange
Tuned Pipe Holder
Engine Mount for RCMK K30, Tiger King,  Zenoah G260, G300, G320 engines
Aluminium Stuffing Tube with Teflon insert
Flex Shaft with round & square ends 6.35mm
T-Bar, Fully Adjustable with Oil Fitting
Radio Box
Servo Mount x 2
Water Bellow with fitting x 2
Power Switch
Rudder Linkage Rod
Throttle Cable with aluminium carburettor Insulator Block
Water Outlet x 2
Fuel Bag 500ml with fitting, fuel tube
Water Tube
Stinger Drive with ¼″ (6.35mm) stainless steel drive shaft that accepts the squared end flex. The prop shaft is “captive” within the barrel, you will not lose the prop should the flex shaft break.
Rudder Assembly with dual water pickup
Turn Fins
Trim Tab
Water Pickup
Propeller x 1

Needed To Complete:
Radio System
Servo x 2
Receiver Battery Pack
Gasoline Fuel