Servo Digital DM-CLS400MD Standard Size 40kg HV Coreless


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DM-CLS400TD Standard Size 40kg HV Coreless Digital RC Servo, high precision metal gears, double ball bearing. 

-Standard digital Metal gears 25T servo, 2BB 
-Coreless motor, Aluminium middle hull heat sink
-1 million Life Potentiometer
-Water Resistant
-Operating Voltage: 4.8V~7.4V
-Interface: (like JR)
-Wire length: 30cm
-Speed:0.15sec/60degreeat(6v)  0.13sec/60degree at(7.4v)
-Stall at(7.4v)  

1 x double sided servo horn 
1 x 4-arm servo horn 
1 x 6-arm servo horn 
1 x round servo horn
4 x rubber grommets with brass inserts 
4 x mounting screws 
1 x mounting bolt 3 x 8 mm for servo horn installation on the ball raced brass output shaft with 25T-spline drive