M8 II Outdrive-Collector Edition – Jet Black


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Arrow Shark 2016 M8 II Outdrive-Collector Edition.
The M8 II is a near-scale version of the trophy-winning full size Mercury Racing M8 drive that has achieved domination in the unforgiving world of offshore racing. Also matching its full size equivalent, the Arrow Shark M8 II can handle left or right hand rotation props as standard and is ideally suited to twin installations for ultimate performance.


The new M8 II is equipped with strengthened gear-sets and especially hardened shafts that can handle gas engines rated up to 10 hp on each drive, and up to 25,000+ rpm for high-speed brushless electric motor installations.

The Arrow Shark M8 II drive was inspired by the latest full-size Mercury Racing Dry-Sump M8 Drive which is used by the very top offshore racing teams. It has built a reputation for bullet-proof operation under the most extreme conditions. It is that same reputation that Arrow Shark aim to reproduce with this near-scale version for large gas-powered or high performance brushless electric RC boats.

The M8 II drive is precision-engineered with CNC-machined components that are anodized in brilliant red or jet black plus shining silver for the lower unit gear casing and skeg. The lower unit is machined from 7075 hard aluminium alloy for durable performance; more than six hours CNC-machining is required to achieve the close-tolerance internal specification and the superb external finish.

Neither the M8 II gears nor shafts are machined from just standard hardened alloys. The gears use alloys made with a compacting process of powder metallurgy – the same technology used for gears in full size automotive transmissions. The drive shafts are machined from the same spring steel that they use to make their robust clutch shoes and then hardened.
The gear sets have thicker and stronger teeth designed for precise engagement to accommodate up to 10 hp and up to 25,000+ rpm. The gear design allows counter-rotation for virtually zero torque and blistering performance when you take the ultimate approach and fit twin M8 II drives on your boat!

The M8 II has been designed for an air tight seal to prevent any possibility of oil leaking out or of water getting into the drive. It has a total of nine ball-bearings plus one thrust-bearing to provide the best possible support for the drive shafts. This results in ultra-smooth operation and negligible power loss through the drive train.

The most innovative aspect of the M8 II is a re-design of the steering system which takes the drive to another level with an even more realistic scale appearance. Connect a 30kg metal gear servo and you will be surprised with its performance!

The upper casing design of the M8 II makes it easy to fit a tie-bar for twin installations; a matching tie-bar can be purchased separately.