Carburetor Cover / Protector, Billet, For Outboard & Outrigger


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Arrow Shark Billet Carb Protector is a must for all boats that operate without a hatch cover and the carburetor is exposed. It helps to keep the water spray from entering the carburettor.

The exposed position of engine carbs on outboards and outrigger hulls can easily result in wash-downs and engine kills from water conditions or from the wakes or rooster tails of other boats. To help overcome this situation, this billet-machined Carb Protector shields the intake from direct spray without restricting the air flow into your engine. With two-way mounting holes for either normal or rotated carbies, the Protector is easy to install and might just keep your engine running when you need it most!
The Air Scooper will fit most Walbro type carburettors used in RC boats.