Carburetor Cover / Protector, Billet, For Outboard & Outrigger V2, Black


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The exposed engine carburetors on outboards and outrigger hulls can easily result in engine kills from wash-downs, water conditions and from the wakes or rooster tails of other boats. To help overcome this situation, Arrow Shark has released this billet-machined Carburetor Protector V2 which has brand new design that shields the intake from direct spray without restricting the air flow into your engine.
The new version enables you to fully adjust the air flow intake angle for the best position in your boat to avoid water into the engine, the protector is easy to install and comes with custom flat head bolts and seal O-ring that goes between the mounting base to the carburetor for optimum sealing protection.

The Carb Protector will fit most Walbro type carburetors used in RC boats.