AS6818/3-The Blade, Mod, Sharpened, Balanced, and Polished


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Arrow Shark AS6818/3-The Blade, Mod Propeller.

After Mod:
Diameter: 68mm
Pitch: 122.50mm (4.82″)
Aspect Ratio: 1.8
Centre Bore: 6.35mm (¼”)
Material: Beryllium copper combines with yellow copper
Sharpened, Balanced, And Polished

The prop has been sharpened, balanced and polished. The entire leading edge has been contoured and spooned, back-cuts, notched into trailing edges to increase rpm, bent cupped onto the trailing edge increasing pitch and blade shape tuned for increased performance.
This prop is best suited for modified engines in high performance Mono, Hydros and Cat.