Arrow Shark X30-Sport Version, Jet Black


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Manufacturer: Arrow Shark
Model: X-30 Sport Version
Cylinder Type: Single Cylinder
Displacement: 29.51cc
Bore: 36mm
Stroke: 29mm
RPM Range: 3,500 – 20,000
Weight: 2.36kg (including engine mount)
Dimension: Refer to product picture above for the detail

There is a saying “You can spend ten years just sharpening a sword”.
A well-made product is not dependent on its pricing! It is dependent on how much the product manufacturer cares about every little detail of its design and construction!
Arrow Shark 30cc of X-30 reed case version Marine engine is a totally revolutionary design power-plant. The X-30 new marine engine has an exclusive design of a six transfer ports cylinder for the ultra-smooth performance and the “sleeve” alike inner wall that delivers the effective support to the piston. The performance of X-30, as a “stock” engine, matches or exceeds most heavily modified racing engine in the market, there is still room for modification left for the experts to reform it and bring X-30 performance to higher level!
The billet reed case was precisely constructed and manufactured by using Arrow Shark latest CNC engineering technology to ensure the accuracy and durability. The CNC reed valve with carbon fibre petals installed in the crankcase effectively increase the airflow and cuts off the extra fuel back-flowing, making carburetion more efficient, works seamless with Arrow Shark pro-mod M-39X barrel-type carburetor that convey an excellent level of air flowing for the engine power. The exceptional design of throttle control device positions the carburetor’s low speed needle on the top, making the needle adjustment more convenience. The carburetor barrel adapting arm teams up with an integrated hi-torque metal gear servo makes this set up most effective and accurate to manipulate the acceleration.
A 1mm+ full circle well balanced crankshaft used in X-30 not only offers low-vibration for the engine, also occupies more volume in the crank-case that creates higher compression pushes the rev range wider in order to produce the more true horsepower and torque for the engine.
To efficiently cool the X-30, the new design billet water jacket and X-Cooler water flange are more than competent for the job, the huge water capacity of both X-cooler and water-jacket with triple sealing design that absolutely to keep the X-30 cool and performing at any peak power during high speed runs without any possibility of leaking.
Another feature on our X-30 is a creative design billet fully adjustable coils mount. This gives a fresh look to X-30 and perfectly blend into the whole design, more importantly, the design enables fast and simple adjustment of the ignition timing. Just by loosening two bolts on the coils mount, you can adjust the timing up to 10 degrees either way! The X-30 also equips a billet polished kill switch for the safety operating measures.