Pipe Support Bracket Transflexor


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Arrow Shark Transflexor Pipe Support Bracket

A perpetual challenge when setting up a gas boat is how to support the end of the tuned pipe. Especially when trying different headers, such as wrap-to-centre, wrap to flush, 90 degree, 100 degrees or 105 degrees, and when varying the length of the header to obtain the optimum tuned pipe length, being able to position your support bracket to match the position of the pipe’s stinger can be anywhere between frustrating and near impossible. You can end up having to drill different mounting holes in your boat and bending or cutting support struts to try to get it all to fit together. But not anymore! Arrow Shark’s revolutionary Transflexor Bracket is rubber-mounted to absorb vibration and uniquely includes multiple angle and length adjustment points so you can position the final support just about anywhere. Try it-you’ll love it!